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Dear partners, GC USA company is open to mutually beneficial long-term partnership; our company will provide highly professional assistance of our staff for the development of your brand. We are sure that access to new markets – this is a qualitatively new level of development for us, as an importer and distributor, which will undoubtedly contribute to the further strengthening of close established relationships and establish new partnerships, with both the direct producers, as well as with trading partners.

With a professional team we offer complex business solutions for brands. Complex it is sales, marketing, logistics services from one hands.

Our distribution centers located in East Coast (Clifton, New Jersey) and MidWest (Chicago, Illinois)

In our team we follow principles: entrepreneurial spirit & creativity, business ethics & atmosphere by openness and honesty, top-quality products & high level of service.

We are sincerely wish you the dynamic growth and grateful consumer!


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