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It is rich in silicon and particularly recommended against hair loss. The basic components are; silicic acid (up to 7% on a dry basis and 70%as silica in soluble form)., the equisetonina(a saponin), flavonoids, mineral salts (mainly potassium), organic acids (oxalic acid, malic acid). The action primarily related to silicic acid and are as follows: mineralizing, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, purifying.

It is used on all types of natural hair permed curly or wavy for the beauty of hair.

How to use:

After hair spa treatment, dab hair well, apply the amount of a nut of product th entire length and then style with brush, flat iron or salon dryer.

Bottles available:

3.38 fl.oz (100 ml) for salon use

1.69 fl.oz (50 ml) for home use