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The acid that are many mainly present are: malic, citric and lactic acid, which have reached a balanced synergy with all other components, including vitamins A and C and various mineral salts, giving the final products the following characteristics: humectant, emollient, slimming, smoothing; it stretch marks and stimulate the cellular renewal. In particular ripe tomatoes, containing 94% water, have glutamic acid for 0.45%, vitamin A to 0.6%, total fibers to 2% and carbohydrates to 3.5%.

This is a superb composition that has refreshing, astringent and revitalizing properties. This is how our fruit acids were born: innovative, rich variety of fruits and vegetables, ideal for food as energy supplements, certified organic. We have included them in our cosmetics; is it a wast?

No, because we firmly believe that the care of your body is a perfect synergy between the products for internal use and those for external use: one without the will never produce the desired results.

The lotion should be applied when it is necessary to normalize the acidity of the hair and scalp.

How to use: After hair spa treatment, dab hair well, apply the amount of a nut of product over the entire length and then style.

Bottles available:

6.76 fl.oz (200 ml) for salon use

4.22 fl.oz (125 ml) for home use