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Sesame oil

It has a strong antioxidant action, thanks to the presence of sesame oil (cereals) and it also increases the skin’s elasticity and prevents aging. The sesame oil prevents dryness and dehydration of the skin, it contains lecithin and has a high content of Omega 6.
Cleansing oil’s nectar. Gentle and moisturizing to be used on hair and skin.

It gently cleanses hair looking soft and silky the essential oils take care of the skin.

It’s used as a protective skin before a treatment technician.

How to use:

Before applying color or permanent pass a few drops on the skin and massage lightly to distribute the oil over the entire skin. Its particular composition, rich in active ingredients, adjuvants antiarrossanti develops property and regenerating, soothing, smoothing and restructures hair.

It is used as a carrier of essential mix pre-washing

How to use:

Before shampooing Pour into bowl bamboo 3 pipettes of oil plus 2 puff of essential oils mix, by type, suitable to the specific skin and hair and mix with the brush. It applies doing separations 2 cm on the skin to dry hair. After the application is added to the skin a little water and making the massage hair for 2-3 min and after which no rinse shampoo is applied as described in the next paragraph.

Bottles available:

6.76 fl.oz (200 ml) for salon use