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Our company has extensive experience in the design of beauty space and commercial premises more than 12 years.

For ordering the design project, contact please to: info@generalcosmetics.us.


Creation of unique Beauty Space.

General Cosmetics offers carefully thought Design Project of Beauty space for your complete business cycle.
Beauty space for your business – it can be Beauty Salon, Spa Salon, Manicure Salon and Salon with full range of beauty treatments and services.
What does Design Project of Beauty-Space mean for your complete business cycle.
This means that you get complete, detailed guide to implement the Design Project of your Beauty Business at a reasonable price in the optimal terms from the developer with more than nine years of experience in implementing similar solutions.
We offer the entire design project with complete realistic 3D visualization of the premise, carefully thought premise ergonomics, color solutions, equipment selection, furniture, fixtures, sanitary ware, decoration materials, doors, skirting boards with all the detailed recommendations. We take into account all the wishes of the customer, from the general style and the concept of the project to the budget implementation.

Design & Ergonomics

Your Beauty Business will have unique design solutions that will enable to profitably differ from competitors. The design project is carried out at a reasonable price, with photorealistic 3d visualizations and required drawings for builders and manufacturers or furniture suppliers.

Well considered ergonomics – means that the area of the premise is used as much as possible.


Calculations of both basic and auxiliary lighting are provided. Lighting is designed in such a way that the right mood is created in different zones, relaxing in the rest zone, allowing to rest in the turmoil of the city; hall for the work of the masters has sufficient top filling lighting and warm accent lighting near the mirrors and in the colorist zone to let customers see their reflection and work of the master in the most natural and correct lighting.


Upon receipt of the design project, you get a complete guide to select furniture in the reception and recreation areas, professional equipment for hairdressing salons, massage equipment, manicure and pedicure, cosmetology services as well as plumbing.


When implementing the design project of your Beauty Space, complete guide on selection of finishing materials is available provided the entire calculation of the consumption of materials according to given area. This will enable to control the purchase of building materials and not to s[end your money on those materials that are not required.