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Metier Franchise

At the same time, our company offers a unique solution for increasing the Métier brand sales in your country – Métier Franchise – ready Concept of Beauty business for your Clients. This will also enable you to strengthen your position in the competitive field.

Métier Beauty Salon concept, like club, where client can: go to salon and take tea or coffee “to go”, go to salon and drink coffee of tea in the salon’s bar, make massage or hair cut in the Beauty Salon and buy Métier Products “To Go”.

You can start cooperation with our company with the Métier products distribution. The next step you can take is the purchase of Master Matier Franchise.
In doing so, you create with the help of your customers’ business a secure sales channel for your company protecting it from the impact of your competitors.

Beauty Salon & Tea Bar Franchise

...be your own boss..

The Matier Beauty Salon & Tea Bar Franchise package includes:
• Full Brand Book. Design. We are proposing ready Brand book: design of the project premises, design of the brand shelves and shelving, lighting project, ergonomics, full 3D photorealistic visualization of the project, adaptation of each design project for the client’s premise of Métier style for Beauty Salon.
• Site. We are proposing a ready-made site for Beauty Salon.
• Training for staff: About Métier Products Line, About work in the sphere of hospitality by the Métier Standards.
• Métier Product. For Beauty Salon – Métier Spa Cosmetics, Métier Hair Cosmetics, Métier Hair Cosmetics, Métier Hair Cosmetics, Métier Hair Cosmetics, Métier Hair Cosmetics, Métier Hair Cosmetics, Métier Hair Cosmetics, Métier Hair Cosmetics, Tea Coffee “To Go” Coffee.

Beauty Cosmetics Shop or Conner

...share your business..

The Matier Cosmetics Shop or Coner & Tea Bar Franchise package includes:
• Concept Matier Beauty Shop or Conner & Tea Bar with Brand book which including Design of the sales space, including shop fighting, rule of merchandise Métier products (Hair Care, Face Care, Body Care). 100% of the assortment Métier Products.
• Métier Beauty has focused on serving premium salon service and Tea Bar maintaining the best pricing policy that is affordable by all.
• Métier Beauty Shop are expanding, offering franchise across the world.
• You can help to be realizing private goals of your client to becoming their own boss.


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