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Dear Partners,

For over 8 years, General Cosmetics has been creating quality cosmetic products and serving our customers in the beauty industry. If you share our standards of customer service – individual consultation, recommendations for the selection of products, courtesy, adherence to the recommendations of merchandising and product packaging.
We are honored to work with partners who share a commitment to our cause and help us improve the services and products we provide to our customers.

  • For an experienced Pharmacy Partner, working with a GC USA INC is an excellent opportunity to “try” a brand Metier in your own pharmacy ensuring that consumers become familiar with the brand with minimal risk.
  • This is a good opportunity to add a new brand of cosmetics to your store, thereby expanding its range
  • We offer our Cosmetics Products together Branded Retail Equipment, which will emphasize the authenticity of the brand in the retail space and attract additional buyers’ interest, strengthens brand positioning, and your pharmacy space.
  • On request, we can analyze the assortment of products by product groups on your shelf and determine which better to add for increase of sales.
  • We would like to draw your attention to Metier Body & Face Line’s products in the : massage oils, essential oils, carrier oils, hydrosol waters. These products have a therapeutic effect and will perfectly complement your assortment.

We offer the following lines for your products:

Métier Face – face care cosmetics;

Métier Body – body care cosmetics;

Métier Hair – hair care cosmetics;

Métier Tea Bar – instant teas, slimming coffee drinks;

Schooner Saint Argentina – Men’s & Barber line;

Dr. Nina Pelieh – American Food Supplements for Beauty of Hair & Nails, Athletes, and Your Health;

Please visit the Contacts section, select contacts based on the geography of your company.
If your region is not listed, please email your request to info@generalcosmetics.us
and indicate in the subject line the Brand or which products you are interested in, Your CityCountry and the Name of Your Pharmacy Chain.