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Metier Body Cosmetics is a natural cosmetics for your Body care. The aasortment includes: base massage oils, essential oils, massage oils mixtures, also shower gels, bath salts, scrubs, waters, body creams & lotions


Metier Face Cosmetics is a natural cosmetics for your Face care. The assortment includes: hydrosol waters, face cleansers, creams, moisturizing gels, serums, eye creams, face toners, face masks, scrubs and lip balms.


Metier Hair Cosmetics is a natural cosmetics for your Hair care. The assortment includes: shampoos, masks, hair conditioners, argon line, keratin line, hair detanglers. Metier Iguana Line – professional care & hair dye.


BIOBOTANIK is an Italian cosmetics that contains ingredients from organic farms in Tuscany such as the plant oils and extracts. This line includes special blends of essential oils that help to solve scalp problems such as: dandruff, seborrhea, oily scalp, very dry scalp, oily flakes. As well as amazing hair masks that will revitalize even the most damaged hair.

Purify Color

Purify Color is an Italian professional Hair dye, which contains ingredients from organic farms such as: aloe vera, goji berries, shea butter. After dyeing your hair with Purify Color, your hair acquires a beautiful, rich natural shade. This hair dye is absolutely safe for the health of the hairdresser as it contains natural ingredients.


Polverini Professional is professional Italian hair cosmetics created by hairdressers for hairdressers. These are cosmetics from the Polverini family from the heart of Italy. The unique formula of the Hair dye allows you to create any hair color you can imagine. The line also contains a wide range of hair care & styling products for different hair types.


Métier Beauty Shop – a ready-made beauty shop concept with a full range of face, body and hair care products represented by a mono brand Métier. You have a ready-made solution and a single supplier of cosmetics.


Métier Beauty Salon concept, like club, where client can: go to salon and take tea or coffee “to go”, go to salon and drink coffee of tea in the salon’s bar, make massage or hair cut in the Beauty Salon and buy Métier Products “To Go”.


Métier Beauty Island is a mini version of your Beauty Store. You get ready business solution with a unique design and works with a mono brand. Métier Beauty Island can be located in the a shopping mall. Size from 32 sq. ft.

Training Seminar

New York. Trainer – Karine Ivey

This video is from our first training workshop in New York. We showed how Biobotanic hair care products work. These excellent Biobotanic products are suitable for all hair and scalp types.