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Dear Colleagues, we are glad to see you on the website of our company.

Together with our partners we make to actively contribute to the world’s Beauty Industry and share our experience natural cosmetics consumption by laying the foundations for healthy and beauty of the people.

General Cosmetics is a worldwide beauty supplier. We invite distributors from all over the world to place orders for the supply of cosmetics for face, body and hair care.
We have a wide range of cosmetic products. Our clients on the B2B market are regional and national distributors and dealers, as well as retail chains of the supermarkets, pharmacy chains, professional cosmetics stores, companies that work with beauty salons, masseurs and cosmetologists, whose assortment includes cosmetic products for face, body and hair care for home and professional use.
We have 95% natural products in the assortment of the Métier Brand, as well as products that contain ingredients that are the result of scientific research from leading American and European laboratories.
Therefore, we have divided the products on the lines:
• Métier Gift of Earth – the main ingredients of these products are clays that are mined in different places on our planet.
• Métier Gift of Nature – the main ingredients of oils, extracts and hydrosols of plants.
• Métier Gift of Ocean- the main ingredients are seaweed, micronutrients and Dead Sea clays.
• Métier Gift of Science – the main ingredients are the result of scientific research from leading laboratories.
• Métier Iguana Line – products for professional hair care, which contain both plant extracts and ingredients that are the latest scientific developments.
Working in the Beauty industry for over 8 years, we understand that, sustainable development of society directs men’s and women on the ecological life, that is primarily based on a healthy lifestyle and quality and organic hair care and body care. The consequence of this is the growing consumption of products of high quality and environmentally friendly, meeting high requirements of the modern world standards.
Hair and Skin Beauty in the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of men and women of different religions and skin colors show us this message to the world that each of us speaks without words. In the office, on the podium, in the theater or cinema, we can see images of

heroes and ordinary people who have become a reality, thanks to the talent and skill of the people who are just doing their job. Behind all of this thing hands of the Masters. Hair stylist, Cosmetologist & Massage Therapist there is the oldest professions.
The feedback on our products with Hairdressers, Cosmetologists and Massage Therapists is certainly important for us.
Retail, which includes department stores, supermarket chains, beauty store chains, pharmacies, help to our cosmetics products to be closer to the consumer and make it possible to use Métier’s first-class cosmetic products in daily home care.
General Cosmetics offers quality products on the North American, Europe, and West & North Asia, West Africa markets and technological support and training. Our regional partners are helping us to get a dynamically growing sale by connecting with the local knowledge of regional markets, its customers and technological support from our side.
We also offer our partners cooperation based on Métier Franchising, as a high standard of customer service in the beauty industry. Today, success in the beauty industry is not only a quality product, but also the standards of service for our guests, which are inextricably linked with emotions.
Authentic design of Métier’s atmosphere, service standards and a quality cosmetic product, transparent financial model are the key to the success of your Franchise with Métier.
We believe that space determines the consciousness and emotions with which our guest spends time in a store or beauty salon. Therefore, we have created a Design Workshop.
You need a design for your Beauty Business that is in demand in the market, an understandable project, as a guide for a repair service. We are glad to help you to solve this problem at the best market price.
We set itself the task to introduce our consumers with high quality products in all segments of the global beauty market.

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Sinserely, General Cosmetics Team