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With more then 30 years of experience, Polverini group has created a landmark in the evolution of Italian Hair Styling.
Other than providing training and support to hairdressers, Polverini has a proper line of products POLVERINI PROFESSIONAL. Created by hairdressers who love their job, these high quality products help other hairdressers express themselves while satisfying their clients needs. Thanks to this tridimensional conception of the offer, a Polverini stylist has the possibility to execute 360 degree performance.


This exclusive line consists of three products of the highest quality. They are ideal hair straighteners and their effect lasts until the next wash. Straight Passion is a smoothing and anti-frizz treatment considered the best for the completeness of its products


This treatment helps to obtain natural wavy hair which will last until the next shampoo. It is ideal in hairstyling because it is a creative system supporting the act of creativity. A new conception of the innovative active ingredients that coat hair with a micro-film that protect and make it shine.


The Volume Line consists of 3 products which used in combination with other Polverini Professional Products give hair a long lasting voluminousness without creating hair build up. A top range of products for effective and professional results.


This exclusive line consists of a wide range of specific products which used together revitalize hair that is dull and lifeless or damaged by weather and aggressive cosmetic treatments. A system of essential thermal reconstruction which makes hair shine with natural beauty.