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  • Posted by generalcosmetics.us
  • On June 17, 2016
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Dear friend,

Firstly we welcome you to our website in the NEWS & EVENTS section

In this section, you can learn a lot about professional hair product, events and news, company life and world of beauty.

Also we want to introduce a  new hair care professional brand – bioBotanic.

After years of research and studies, our partner Polverini Group finally started to collaborate with a group of technicians who wanted to share with us this initiative, contributing to the birth of this innovative line, with zero environmental impact and with valuable benefits for the hair.

We are like a few drops of water, but of pure and uncontaminated water.

Our goals is ambitions: we will first be as rivers, then lakes and then wide as the sea, if you play this game with us. The road is a long and hard one but we must somehow begin; the road are open to everyone and can take part. Stay with us and subscribe to our newsletter.

Let’s share a future of  beauty together!