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  • Posted by generalcosmetics.us
  • On June 28, 2016
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So began the long-awaited summer! Ahead of the three solar months. The soul rejoices and demand some changes!

Changes in a woman’s life frequently begins with changes of hair color. But how to choose proper color which will bring real satisfaction? And how to remain in trend on this season? In current article highlights the main trends of summer 2016.

For summer 2016 – trends for natural shades.

Extreme red, deep blue or pure white is not in trend now. Coloring in natural color provide nice shine for the hair, it refreshing and rejuvenates image for several years.


Quality modern hair dye PURIFY COLOR with Aloe Vera and organic ingredients, while also caring for the hair.

Warm shades in vogue now. This honey blond, and milk chocolate and very efficient ginger color, but nevertheless, it is always based on your natural abilities, and hair stylist advise in this case very important

Blondes shouldn’t be worry: blonde hairs permanently in trend. Since the peak of popularity becomes a natural, remain in vogue as close to natural colors and coloring techniques: Californian blonde with deep roots, glare, allocation of strands. If you want something special, You can decorate your hair by several shades of pastel colored curls. As for the blonde, ash and platinum overshadowed, giving way up for strawberry blonde, warm sand and wheat shades.


As for brunettes, we can recommend blotches of bright colors and shades of chocolate. Tons for coloring is better to choose warm and deep. And forget about the blue-black and beaujolais, these shades so far away from naturalness. In the summer season 2016 is very relevant shades of red and ginger, saturated colors. You can try to coloring your hair in a shade of ruby or titian.

Technique “Ombre”, has undergone major changes in favor of the same naturalness, but still stay, and transformed into an inverted Ombre also. Contrast transitions slowed down and now Ombre – this is a way to make hair more comfortable to wear. You can draw gradient on the hair, brightens up the difference between the natural hair color and paint the selected shade, which is especially useful for the blondes.

And if your hair has lacks of the volume, you can request the master to make 3D-coloring. This technique of coloring strands in a very close shades of the same color. The hair will look very natural, and the hair will get a new meaning.

Enjoy the summer and remember that your hair – this is part of your image. In the next part we will tell you how to care for your hair in the summer.