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  • On June 28, 2016
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bio sunHair Care in Summer.

In the summertime, your hair is exposed to negative effect of the environment. It requires protection, restoration, and strengthening.

Pleasant and darling salty sea does harm to your hair. Sea salt when entering inside the hair slowly destroys its structure, extracts moisture, removes protein, increases number of free radicals. When you return from the beach, wash your hair with fresh cool water.

Moreover, water is a good conductor of ultraviolet. When swimming, hair is also exposed to harmful effect of sunlight, it becomes dry, weak, and lifeless, it loses its natural shine. Even worse, when penetrating inside your hair, ultraviolet rays destruct its pigment. As a result, hair, both natural and dyed, fades within hours! The most harm is done to fair hair, as it already contains little pigment. Furthermore, extent of strength in fair hair is far less than in dark and red hair, that’s why it needs more protection and care.

There is a set of products to help you bring your damaged and weak hair back to normal, and prevent it from fading.

Threat your hair with sunscreen products in the form of sprays blocking UV and simultaneously making hair brushing easier after swimming and adding shine to it. ТМ BioBotanic took care of our hair and developed a series of BioSun products with gardenia flower extracts and valuable Peru oil Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil or Inca-peanut  – these include a shampoo, gel, protective fluid, and mask. Your hair has never been so protected.

biosun tuttiBioSun series consists of the following products: Bio Sun Protective Fluid Gel , BioSun Treatment, BioSun Cream Shield, BioSun Shampoo.

BioSun Protective Fluid Gel based on goji berry, fruit extract and aloe vera, provides intensive care to unruly and cranky hair. Fluid Gel is an instant aid for dry, weak and split hair. Valuable ingredients protect your hair and scalp from overdrying, and treats split hair ends. It seals superficial hair layer preventing it from getting damaged. It restores elasticity and crystal-like gloss. Fluid Gel provides reliable protection for your hair.

BioSun Protective Fluid Gel envelops your hair moisturizing it. Essential acids and vitamins contained in Fluid Gel enhance hair structure and make it soft and shiny.

BioSun Treatment is specifically effective for overly damaged hair and porous hair end care.

Due to it containing Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil , Shea butter and Hydrolyzed wheat protein, scalp is well saturated with moisture, hair becomes silky and is easily brushed. Shea butter softens your scalp and protects your hair from harmful effect of the environment. Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil derives from Peru, it is saturated with fatty acids, omega 3 and 6, antioxidants, and vitamin E. BioSun Protective Fluid may be applied to dry or wet hair.

BioSun Shampoo restores hair’s natural vitality and elasticity. Hydrolyzed silk and  Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil containing essential oils and vitamins A and E, has antibacterial and tonic effect on scalp, without precluding maintenance of natural hair protection. It also envelops your hair without making it heavy, and protects it along its entire length.

BioSun Cream Shield for daily hair care makes hair brushing easier and provides protection from negative effect of the environment. Hair acquires silky gloss. BioSun Cream Shield contains Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil , aloe vera and Shea Butter; BioSun Ceam Shield, due to its useful ingredients, saturates your hair with necessary moisture, restores its elasticity and flexibility, and aids in restoration of overtired hair’s strength and vitality.

Please, remember, that beauty depends directly on your well-being: your mood and health. Trust your specialist who will chose hair care products appropriate to your hair type for you.

I wish you excellent summer mood and healthy well-attended hair!