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SUN & HAIR. Part 2.

SUN & HAIR. Part 2.

  • Posted by generalcosmetics.us
  • On August 5, 2016
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oil of oilsSun & Hair. How to care? Continued.

We continue our series of publications about hair care in the summertime.

Additional sunscreen is provided by oils which envelop your hair like veil and maintain its integrity. This oil may be applied on wet hair before styling and on dry hair for additional protection. Truly royal hair oil – Oil of Oils with Sesame  oil will suit this purpose perfectly, it will provide care, strengthen and moisturize damaged hair.

Instant help to dry, weak and split hair will be provided by BioBotanic’s BEAUTY DROPS with linseed oil. They successfully protect your hair and scalp from overdrying, restoring its crystal-like shine and elasticity.

As it was previously mentioned, if your hair looks tired, we advise you to have a professional procedure done using new BioBotanic products – various masks, serums, oil-containing and oil-free products. It is professional hairdressers’ recommendation to have this procedure at least two times a year.


IMG_7895_modificataEssential mix from BioBotanic excellently prepares your hair to exposure to southern sunlight, as well as to not less active sunlight in the city. Professional procedures are designed to have two-three week effect. Essential mix has a preventive action and varies in composition depending on your hair type. Furthermore, in consultation with your stylist you can buy home hair care products.

If your hair is already damaged and lifeless, you will need gentle care. Check with your stylist, they will help you pick a professional procedure appropriate for your hair. Essential mix from BioBotanic moisturizes and nourishes hair, restores its elasticity and flexibility. These products aid in restoration of tired hair’s structure and vitality.

Panthenol contained in formulation of BioBotanic products protects your hair from negative effect of sunlight. Keratin restores all lost protein particles on hair cuticle.
To avoid future long-term treatment of your hair damaged during vacation, you should take care of its protection beforehand. Follow simple rules which will help you maintain your hair healthy and beautiful.

Primary measures:

  • in summer, make sure you use moisturizing shampoos with nutrients from professional cosmetics BioBotanic, they bind moisture and prevent overdrying;
  • try to avoid frequent blow-dryings and overloading it with styling products;
  • make sure you rinse your hair after sea swimming with a large water jet (if no fresh water is available, rinse it with regular mineral water), and remove extra moisture with your towel;
  • after swimming, you may wash your hair with BioBotanic moisturizing shampoo adding a couple of drops of Oil of Oils;
  • do not brush your hair after swimming while it is still wet. Make sure you apply BioBotanic mask to clean hair with special attention to your hair ends to prevent split ends occurring due to sea water exposure.
  • it is preferable to use brushes and combs of natural materials.
  • use professional cosmetic products to protect your hair.
  • while exposed to sunlight, cover your head with a bucket hat or a regular hat.

After your vacation, it is recommended to visit your hairdresser to have hair revitalizing procedures done, and, if you spent much time at the seaside, have your hair ends cut off, especially if they are split.

Keep in mind, that your hair requires special care and revitalization after having been exposed to baking sun and salty water.

Ask your hairdresser to give your hair special treatment with so much needed revitalizing and gentle care.

maschera-idratante-300x156BioBotanic’s products will suit this purpose perfectly: HYDRATING MASK with apricot, extract of lemon, grape and rosemary, wheat protein, panthenol, and orange flower oil will be useful. This BioBotanic mask will restore your hair’s structure both inside and outside excellently, and all its ingredients will add elasticity and shine to every hair by penetrating deeply into the hair structure.

RESTRUCTURING WATER with honey and linseed extract will be perfect, it will effectively revitalize and restore required moisture, and will add elasticity and flexibility to your hair.

Beautiful hair is essential jewelry for every woman. Make some efforts to prevent this beauty from fading on and after your vacation at the seaside.

Have a nice vacation!

Show affection to your hair and remind your hairdresser that your hair loves being posh with BioBotanic!

In the next article, I will describe new products from BioBotanic –BioSun sunscreen line.