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SUN & HAIR. Part 1.

SUN & HAIR. Part 1.

  • Posted by generalcosmetics.us
  • On June 28, 2016
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WELCOME1Professional hairdressers believe that winter and summer are the two most stressful seasons for hair. In winter, cold wind and frost, dry air from heaters, headwear affect your hair not in the best way. In summer, sea water, air conditioners and, of course, active sun cause damage to your hair in such a way that it takes much time for it to come back to its normal state even after a most wonderful vacation.

Human hair is known to consist of 70% of keratin which is based on protein, built of sixteen amino acids, enriched with sulfur, iron, chrome, copper, zinc, manganese. For this very reason, Italian brand of hair care products Bio Botanic  developed its unique BioSun series. Sunlight removes from hair its rich content which is responsible for flexibility, elasticity, and volume. It is professional hair care brand Bio Botanic that will help to restore your hair’s natural composition and avoid major disappointments.

Certainly, your hair requires additional protection in the summertime. It’s unable to withstand aggressive effects produced by the sun, air conditioners, and sea water, on its own. Sea water removes proteins from your hair, sea salt has a potential to penetrate into cuticle and deposit within it, sunlight makes the salt dry up and destroy hair’s medulla. All the above factors will definitely damage your hair: this will result in split ends, dull and fragile hair and makes it lose its flexibility. If you want to maintain your hair beautiful and healthy, keep in mind – they require special care, both before going to your vacation, and upon return. But all of these can be avoided if your hairdresser employs professional hair care products from Bio Botanic.

You should enhance your hair care before going to the seaside approximately 2 weeks before departure. This applies even to healthy hair.
Therefore, we would like to offer complex care from Bio Botanic. Make sure, you apply hair masks and conditioners in summer. Make this your habit. Remember!

Shampoo alone is never enough, masks and conditioners are needed to seal hair cuticles after washing. Use moisturizing shampoo consisting of Horse chestnut, Rosemary extract, and GRAPE EXTRACT, to wash your hair.

Bio Boshampoo beautytanic Beauty Shampoo

Pour into a bamboo bowl 3 puffs of Oil of Oils plus 2 pipettes of essential mix suitable for the specific skin and hair and mix with a suitable brush. To apply on the scalp with dry hair making 2 cm partitions.

Shampoo of this series both moisturizes hair without making it heavy, and adds natural shine to it. Adding 3 puffs of Oil of Oils plus 2 pipettes of essential mix suitable for the specific skin which restores your hair’s natural shine and silky smoothness will be perfect for complex care. Natural ingredient included into this shampoo enhances hair strength and when complemented by essential oils will nourish and moisturize your hair.

When choosing your hair care product, remember that you should choose summer hair care which includes vitamins A, F, E, H and provitamin B5, panthenol and oils, and other nutrients. In the summertime, BioBotanic moisturizing shampoos and nourishing masks with natural ingredients will be perfect for this purpose.

In summer, it is preferable to use products with hair moisturizing and nourishing effects. They will help prevent hair dullness and damage when exposed to sunlight. A set of products for extra moisturizing and preventing natural and dyed hair colour from fading usually includes the following products.

First, it is after-sun moisturizing cream conditioner with oils and vitamins. It adds gloss and silkiness to your hair. Second, it is moisturizing sunscreen shampoo, possibly, containing oils, proteins, and keratins. They add moisture and protection. Moisturizing hair spray is also essential on vacation.

Below, you will find an excellent hair care set to use when at the seaside:

  • moisturizing BioBotanic Beauty Shampoo
  • RESTRUCTURING MASK; it is preferable when it contains essential mix. BioBotanic hair care products will suit this purpose perfectly.
  • PROTEIN WATER with Wool Proteins: perfectly moisturizes hair and restores hair keratin fiber, which is particularly effective in hair damaged by treatment with permanent dyes, or exposure to atmospheric factors.
  • Hair styling products: for this purpose you will need: FIXATIVE GEL with mineral salts and ECO HAIR SPRAY, which does not contain methylene chloride. These products are much better than blow drying which should be used as rarely as possible when at the seaside. FIXATIVE GEL contains panthenol and contains no alcohol to avoid additional hair overdrying.


If your hair looks tired, you should have a professional procedure done using new BioBotanic products – various masks, serums, oil-containing and oil-free products. It is professional hairdressers’ recommendation to have this procedure at least two times a year.

Enjoy your vacation and remember to take care of your hair.